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Magic Luminous Drawing Board for Kids – Draw with Light

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1 * Light Drawing Board
1 * Pen
1 * Stencils
1 * Instruction
Size Available: A4


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Draw with light — a unique light drawing board helps the child to reveal his/her creativity. The light drawing board is easy to use and can be used over again. Designed for the joint creative activity of children and parents. A great way to keep little ones entertained and into the drawing.


The light up drawing board for kids is constructed with high-quality and non-toxic PVC materials, it is eco-friendly, smell-free, durable and non-harm to children. The round edges on the drawing pads can eliminate potential injuries. The lightweight material is it is easy to carry around and trouble-free in storage.


The drawing board for kids has two sides. Press the button on the pen’s cover there will be light lines, and you can draw on the green side of the drawing board. The brightness and clarity of which depends on the distance from the pen to the drawing pad and the angle of inclination. Lines fade as time passes, normally it will almost disappear in 15-20 minutes.


The drawing with lights board with a light-accumulating coating and the magic invisible ink pen appears only under the light of the pen’s cover. You can draw on the white side of the drawing pad. It can not be drawn on a tablet – use plain paper for this!


This fun and developing toy is a educational and practical gift for children. For anyone with kids that like show in the dark stuff this is a great toy. Comes with 1*Ultra-light Light Drawing Board (29*21*0.5cm), 2*Stencils, 1*Invisible Ink Pen, 1*Instruction.

You will get:

1 * Light Drawing Board
1 * Pen
1 * Stencils
1 * Instruction

Product Information:

A3: 420*300*5MM
A4: 210*297*5MM
A5: 240*150*5MM

Material: PVC

A3: 580g
A4: 320g
A5: 180g


1. Do not direct the light into the eyes.
2. The recommended drawing session is less than 15-20 minutes.
3. The less light there is in the room, the brighter the pattern will be.
4. Please do not paint on the drawing board anything except the magic invisible ink pen.
5. It is recommended to keep the light up drawing pad in a dark place during free time.
6. Furniture and wallpaper will not be “decorated” with patterns and hand-writing.


0-3m, 3-6m